The Southport Saviours Foundation

There are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests (OHCAs) in the UK each year.

The overall survival rate in the UK is less than one in ten.

Our aim is to increase the survival rate through training & the installation of 24 hour accessible defibrillators in the local community.



A defibrillator or AED and effective CPR are the only definitive treatment for casualties of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Without immediate treatment, approximately 95% of SCA's are fatal. Do you know where your nearest one is, and is it accessible now?


The Trustees

All Five of our Trustees have fist hand experience of how important this cause is.

Richard Moore

I suffered a heart attack & cardiac arrest April 2022 whilst running the Blackpool Marathon, I was saved by a defibrillator. Since then I have been campaigning for 24 hour accessible
defibrillators & pushing for first aid training throughout Southport & surrounding areas. Being involved in the Charity gives me a platform to tackle these issues in our communities.

Nay Williams

I was fortunately in the right place to help save a life using a defibrillator, after a member of staff at work suffered a cardiac arrest.  This prompted me to buy a 24hr available de-fib for my own home. This event also brought to my attention that there are not enough accessible defibrillators in our local community.
I am committed to help change that and promote the need for
first aid training.

Emma Caunce

Having 3 grandparents pass with heart failure and a father with a heart condition and furthermore, 2 close friends having a defib attached to them and a heart attack has given us the drive to have our own external defibrillator on our gym (kinetics) in Crossens. This in turn has led to myself being involved in the charity and need for more Defibs in the local area and accessible at all times

Mike Hornby

I am incredibly proud to have joined The Southport Saviours Foundation as a Trustee.  I hope to help grow our reach in Southport and the surrounding areas, to not only help protect more and more people, but to provide education and training to give people the confidence to help in the event of an emergency.

Sam Meredith

I am so honoured to have become a Trustee for The Southport Saviours Foundation. I hope to help grow and promote public awareness of the charity in Southport and the surrounding areas, supporting with fund raising events and first aid awareness courses.


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