The Southport Saviours Foundation

The charity was set up by three local southport residents in May 2023. Richard, Nay & Emma.

In February 2024 we expanded to take on a further two trustees, Mike & Sam. Brining our total to five.

For one reason or another we all have connections to heart attacks, cardiac arrest & life saving defibrillators, and personally truly see the need for these machines. They save lives.

A defibrillator has a covering radius of just around 400 metres, any further, you won't have time to make it back to save the patient. Today (25/5/23) Southport has only five 24 hour defibrillators listed on The Circuit for the town centre. Given Southport has a population of over 94,000, and even more in summer with tourism. The numbers just don't equate.

The Southport Saviours Foundation's aim is to not only increase the coverage with more defibrillators, but to educate & raise awareness through first aid training.

It's our mission.